Friday, December 6, 2013

Embies are IN!

After a long travel day yesterday, I am happy to say that 2 perfect embryos are getting settled into my uterus and hopefully are making themselves at home!

The first leg of my flight was pretty uneventful...except for some crazy turbulence that was so strong it lifted me out of my seat. I might have gasped a little too loudly. In my defense, I had no warning and it was kind of freaky! The pilot apologized for the bumpiness and asked us to "stay with" him. Where did he think we were going to go? Nearing our landing, my husband taps me and asks me to look out the window to see this:

 It's a pretty cool photo because how often do I get to see a plane in flight that close? Seriously, it looked really close...maybe too close for my comfort.

The last connecting flight was a bit more of a headache. Our flight was delayed by 3 hours due to weather conditions (dense fog and low visibility). There's really only so much I can do in an airport for three hours!

We did eventually arrive of course, but much later than we planned. We had hoped to visit C and the twins that evening, but it was too late. We are going to try to see them tomorrow. C is planning to come to the hotel for the visit.

We had breakfast with C & J this morning at the hotel before our transfer appointment. Our transfer went perfectly! C& J got to be in the room with me. The clinic has a screen that they send the embryo images to so we all got to them. We also got to see them being placed into the uterus on the ultrasound screen. They were placed so close to the uterine lining -- I really hope they stick! It was very neat to see them on the screens. We all went home with "photos" of the sweet!

C&J came back to the hotel with us afterwards and we were able to visit for a bit longer before they had to return home. Now, we wait! For the next 2 days, I'm on bedrest at the hotel. God thing I brought the hubby along so he can fetch my food and be at my beck and call night and day. ;)

We will have a blood test for the pregnancy on December 16. C does not want me to tell her if I take any at home tests. Until then, I am restricted to light activity (no lifting anything above 15 pounds, no jumping/running/heavy exercising/etc, no sex) and will remain on the estrace pills and the progesterone gel and injections.

I'm so excited and so nervous. It will be a long 10 days for sure!

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