Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Results are in! (and sorry I'm late)

No fancy intro or beating around the bush in the post; let's get right to it! Results from the blood test on Monday came back positive! The number is 240 - that's fantastic! For some perspective, with the  twins, the beta was 251, so we are in the same strong, healthy range. I will tell you that I am not surprised at all by our positive beta because I have been looking at these kinds of things since Tuesday morning:

Isn't it cool to see that line get progressively darker each day! The first very faint line (that only experience pee-test line lookers can probably see!) came on Tuesday morning, only 4 days after transfer! Wow! And I kept taking the rest for fun, and to be sure it was still "there." I did not tell C though, because she did not want to know. Of course, she was very excited to hear the the results from Monday's lab. And I did send her the above photo, now that she knows!

We will have another blood test tomorrow; ideally, the beta number should be doubling every 48 hours. We will be anxiously awaiting those numbers tomorrow, and I sort of promise to post those results as soon as I get them. Our first ultrasound will be January 7. That seems like FOREVER away!

I started having some early pregnancy symptoms a couple days before the blood test, and I seem to getting more as time goes on... mostly in the form of super headaches, random nausea, fantastic fatigue, and other little things. Christmas should be fun! ;)

I will be at my clinic first thing in the morning and we should be able to get the results in by lunchtime, so be on the lookout for that update sometime late in the day tomorrow.

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