Thursday, December 19, 2013

Beta number #2 is in!

We have the results from today's blood work and I'm not making you wait so long this time. ;)
Today's beta number is 990, wahoooo!!!! HCG levels are expected to double every 48 hours, and we are doubling at a rate of 35.22 hours. It means we have a strong healthy little one in there (or maybe more!). For perspective, my 2nd beta with the twins was 772. We are still in range! We will of course have to wait a couple more weeks before we find out if both embryos are making themselves at home.

I have been cleared by the clinic to begin exercising again, so I hit the gym today for the first time since transfer. I know I'm still just now pregnant (not quite 5 weeks along), the fatigue has already made an appearance and I felt it during my workout. So even though I have to dial back the intensity, I'm happy to be moving again. It's so important for me and the baby(ies).

The next few days are busy around here, preparing for the holidays and such. I'll check back in on Monday after I get the results from that lab appointment. I have to go to a different clinic for Monday's blood work since I'll be out of town for Christmas. I hope they are as fast as the clinic I have here at home!

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