Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pregnancy rhinitis, anyone?

I'm not making up that word...it's a real thing! And I've been suffering enough the last few days to prove it. You can read more at the hyperlink above, but in a nutshell, pregnancy rhinitis is characterized by fantastic amount of sinus pressure and congestion due to an increase in bodily fluids and estrogen and progesterone. I had this with the twins as well, but it wasn't this bad. I have so much sinus pressure that I get dizzy sometimes, and so much congestion that the drainage makes it painful to talk or swallow or anything. Add typical 1st trimester nausea to all the awful snot swallowing, and it's seriously miserable.

My clinic suggested Sudafed and Tylenol to manage. I'm not a particular fan of medicines during pregnancy, but I can't afford to be laid up on the couch in pain and misery for the rest of the pregnancy. Yeah, it can last an entire pregnancy! It's like a sinus infection that will never leave. I'm hoping the symptoms will dissipate after I am able to come the meds, which should happen around week 10.

With it being the first trimester, the morning sickness decided to make a grand appearance a few days and has stuck around ever since, establishing itself as "all day" sickness. The fatigue is a contender, too. I remember this from all my other pregnancies, so this is my normal. Hopefully, my energy and such will return in about a month.

Our ultrasound is one week from today. I'm so excited to see the baby(ies) and the little heartbeat(s). I know C is excitedly nervous as well. On an unrelated note, my kiddos return to school on ultrasound day as well, so it's a WIN-WIN kinda day for me. ;)

I am not showing yet, but my pants are already getting a bit snug. I think this is mostly water retention but also some fat depositing, as my body likes to do early on in a pregnancy: all in the name of getting ready for baby! Hopefully, maternity clothes can hold off until second trimester.

Interesting development tidbits:
We are 6 weeks and 2 days along, and baby is growing rapidly (the cause of all my yawning!). Baby's heart is pumping blood. Blood vessels are beginning to form as well as facial features. Baby's brain is also being divided into 5 parts and optic pits are formed for the developing eyes. Fingers and toes are beginning to form. It looks like this:

                                                                     Soooo cute!

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